Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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July 16, 2020
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July 16, 2020

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

By using the virtual desktop infrastructure, you can set aside hardware systems (workstations) on the user side. By dedicating the virtual desktop infrastructure to each user, as well as the right equipment to do so, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining your users’ hardware, operating system, and software. Another application of this tool is to allocate a controlled workspace to each user for use outside the organization.

This solution is able to dramatically store the organization’s resources and data in a virtual storage environment for easier management and also ensure information security. In addition, with a modern architecture, a very efficient and convenient user interface will be provided for the user so that users can handle their tasks easier and faster than before.


Desktop Virtualization Features and Facilities:

Benefit from a convenient and engineered user interface for the convenience of the user

Very accurate and fantastic performance in the field of virtualization

Ability to access Linux and Windows operating systems

Integrated management and centralized access

Benefit from smart policies with easy access

Simplify authentication across all desktop services

Integrity and adaptability

Ensuring the security of data and information of the organization

Reduce organizational costs


VMware Horizon View

With VMware Horizon, organizations will be able to implement a complete VDI infrastructure. Due to the fact that the VMware Horizon platform belongs to VMware, it can be easily integrated with other platforms and solutions of this company. For example, it integrates easily with the NSX, Vsan, vSphere infrastructure as well as the SDDC platform. In terms of monitoring, VMware can also use the VMware vRealize solution to monitor the Hypervisor level.



Microsoft VDI & Remote Desktop

Another platform for implementing virtual desktop infrastructure is the Microsoft platform, which can be used in different organizations according to their needs. In addition, it can be said that RDSH is one of the prerequisites for implementing some of the capabilities of XenDesktop and VMware Horizon. Using Microsoft RDS along with Hyper-v as well as the System Center set, a good VDI infrastructure can be implemented using Microsoft tools.



Citrix XenDesktop

This product can be considered as a leader in the field of desktop and software virtualization. With Citrix XenDesktop, newly introduced as Citrix Virtual App & Desktop by Citrix, organizations can easily implement a complete VDI infrastructure. This platform is able to meet all the needs of organizations to set up VDI. Of course, it should be noted that in Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 and later, in order to connect users from outside the organization, it is necessary to implement ICA Proxy, and one of the best ICA Proxies is Citric Netscaler.