Security Agreement

Security Agreement:

۱) All portable storage devices such as CD, Flash, etc. should leave the workstation in a safe place and away from the public.

۲ – Use of the workstation is only possible by the administrator by using the user name provided to the individual. Therefore, each user has a unique Chrome name, given by the network administrator, and someone else is not allowed to use this username.

۳٫ Given that in each organization a password is used for various items such as logging on the network, e-mail, instant messenger, screen saver protection, and so on, each user must select a secure password and keep it confidential. Be diligent. In fact, one of the most basic issues to maintain system security is the choice of a weak password may compromise the information on the internal network of the organization.

۴٫ In each organization, all Username is composed of the first letter of the name, “.” And the last name. Typically, the e-mail of a person named Amir Parsi will be in the form: “”

۵ – Password Everyone is initially the word P @ ssw0rd. In the first log on, the system requests a user message to change this password; all employees of the organization must comply with the following to protect the security of the password:

● Contains lowercase and uppercase letters
● Contains at least 7 characters
● Include digits and character characters
● Be sure to change every 42 days
● You can not use 24 previous passwords
● Do not write and send in text messages

The characteristics of a weak password are as follows:

● Use words that are very useful, such as the names of familiar individuals, relatives, friends, co-workers or computer terminology, company name, personal information, etc.
● Repeat the letters in the password
● Less than 7 characters

۶ – The user should shut down the system if left in the table.

۷٫ The monitors must be in a state of distant view.

۸ – The violation of the rights of individuals or companies protected by the Copy Right law, as well as the installation or use of products not purchased by the organization is not permitted by users.

۹ – Use of any software to monitor the network in different ways is prohibited by the users, unless this is part of the routine tasks of the person.

۱۰ – The user must refuse to use unauthorized use of Username, Password, E-mail and other resources to other persons in order to respect the rights of individuals.

۱۱ – Use of any Program, Script or Command, or the transmission of messages of any kind, in order to disable or disable a specific service on the network, is not permitted by the user either locally or via the Internet.

۱۲ – Opening the Case, Replacing or removing parts or accessories shall not be performed by the user, unless this is part of the routine tasks of the person. If the replacement or repair is necessary, it should be coordinated with the network manager.

۱۳ – Installing or uninstalling the software or deleting the information by an unauthorized user.

۱۴ – The user is required to work as hard as possible to keep all of the resources used and to refrain from any actions that may damage the hardware or software of the system.

۱۵ – It is best to avoid any kind of food or drink to prevent possible occurrences.

۱۶ – Connecting any hardware, such as a Flash Notebook, etc. to an internal network that does not belong to the organization, should be done in coordination with the network administrator.

۱۷ – Every user must be sure that he / she is healthy before entering any information on the network (not being viruses).

۱۸ – The user should inform the network administrator of the problem in the shortest time period if any hardware or software problem in the system is used.

۱۹ – Any unauthorized copying of information on the network, which may be exploited by commercial rivals or the like, is unauthorized by the user.

۲۰٫ All persons entering the server room is not permitted except in cases where this is a routine task of the person or coordinated with the network manager.