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August 20, 2018

Familiarity with Top Browsers

Meet the top web browsers in 2017

We all like to have the best web browser on our system, and if we did not get into trouble, we did not think about replacing it. According to published statistics, the first option most people choose to choose a web browser is Google Chrome. But is Google Chrome the best? Other than this browser, are there other options? Every year the techradar website introduces the best web browsers. The criteria for choosing the best browser can be quickly, flexibly and securely.
1) Google Chrome (Google Chrome): The absence of this browser was surprising. One of the most powerful and flexible web browsers that ranked first in the list. Users can install it on any operating system. The high security and stability of this open source browser has made it the first choice for many programmers and regular people. In addition, the user can search for various plugins in Google Talk and add or remove from their browsers. Even parents can apply restrictions on their children's search in this browser. However, this browser uses a lot of RAM, which reduces the search speed slightly.
2) Opera: It's very unfortunate that this browser only has one percent of the browser market because Opera is really a high-quality browser. This browser is fast, stable and well-behaved. It's always suggested that you install Oprah as auxiliary, with the Opera Turbo feature, along with your main browser. This feature of Opera will increase the speed of loading web pages by compressing pages and images and connecting to the central Opera servers, and will allow you to experience high-speed search. In the past, Internet speeds in Iran were very low, one of the first choices of Iranian users. The user can disable the ads in this browser and extend the battery life of the system by activating the battery saving mode.
3) Microsoft Edge: One of the best browsers available by default on Windows 10, its first official release was introduced in 2015. The browser will easily open apps on tablets with the Windows 10 system and can work with Cortana's voice assistant. It's much faster and lighter than Internet Explorer, and Microsoft has announced it is one of the safest browsers available for Windows 10.
4) Mozilla Firefox: This browser has gained popularity when it came to browser browsing, but has now gained the third place among browsers. Every six weeks, this open source browser is updated and there are many plug-ins available to users of this browser each day. Benchmark benchmark results for downward moderate firefox. Adding various plugins like Hello and Pocket will slow down this browser. Recently, the very lightweight Mozilla Firefox add-on called Waterfox, which is based on Firefox code and has a very high speed.
5) Vivaldi: One of the most unique browsers for people who spend a lot of hours behind their system. Vivaldi is trying to show the browser environment to a more beautiful and user-friendly user, according to the user's taste. The background color can be opened up to the colors of the websites. For people who open many tabs one by one, they can sort and sort tabs, so you will never work with a busy browser. One of the main problems with this browser is its slowdown, which is why the browser is new, certainly in the next few years, Vivaldi will have the potential to be among the most popular browsers.
6) Microsoft Internet Explorer: This browser has had a lot of downs and downs due to its long history. One of the reasons people choose to use this browser is to install it by default on Windows systems. Right now, IE 11 is powerful, fast, and very flexible, and consumes less RAM and CPU. One of the problems with this browser is weaker plug-ins than other browsers on the market. What browser are you using? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your browser? We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as well.

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