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July 16, 2020
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July 16, 2020

Monitoring and Network Management:

Today, in large and small networks in all parts of the world, monitoring activity can be called the watchful eye of network managers. Just as good management is not possible without pure information and proper processing facilities, running a computer network without monitoring the status of services is very risky and costly. Even if you are a capable computer network manager, it is still possible instantly You will not be able to monitor all servers, services and network equipment.

In general, network monitoring and management is the process of measuring, monitoring and controlling resources on one or more network connection links. For this purpose, there are different hardware and software tools, each of which will require special technical knowledge and skills. But in the meantime, tools that have the ability to manage bandwidth and intelligent monitoring are a priority. Monitoring and control of servers, virtual systems, environmental sensors, storage devices, UPS, network and communications, workstations, databases, software, web services, incoming and outgoing traffic, bandwidth, etc. Are comments.

Objectives of the Monitoring Systems:

Accuracy and comprehensiveness in data

Reduce maintenance costs

Integration of management in all network layers

Increase the speed and efficiency of operations

Improving the quality of services



SolarWinds is one of the largest manufacturers of management software in the field of information technology. The company was founded in 1999 and has many customers in more than 170 countries. With the slogan of customer orientation, SolarWinds company has been able to reduce the existing barriers, reduce the cost and complexity of software. The company has provided various software to monitor different sectors in the field of information technology. These products, which are considered as the most popular network management and monitoring products, include server and application management, network management, security and logs, storage systems management and virtual structure, as well as bandwidth management and remote workstation control:


NPM or Orion Network Performance Monitor

NCM or Orion Network Configuration Manager or

APM and in the newer version SAM or Application monitoring software and server Application Performance Monitor

NTA or Orion Netflow Traffic Analyzer

UDT or User Device Tracker

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Software

SolarWinds Storage Manager





If you are planning to monitor a network of small 10 or 100 or as large as 1000 computers, and you are looking for a professional and reliable network monitoring software, we recommend PRTG Network Monitor. According to the manufacturer, this software is the simplest and easiest network monitoring solution that can be easily set up within 5 minutes to work in the network. This software can issue a warning message to you as soon as unusual events occur in the network. More than 150,000 system administrators in the world use this software and it can also be used in small companies to large organizations.